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TL-C12L/C12S / Friday August 2nd, 2019

THERMALRIGHT ARGB Fan TL-C12 series is the latest independent design of ARGB bulb 120mm PWM fan, THERMALRIGHT special blade is composed of nine pieces carefully designed, designed for high-speed air transport and performance balance efficiency. TL-C12L has seven colors with fourteen mode changes With 17 modes and a favorite ARGB Symphony mode, the TL-C12S adds […]

Silver King / Sunday June 30th, 2019

THERMALRIGHT Silver King is the first heat conducting medium, which is worthy of its name. It is the first thermal compound that consists of 100% liquid metal alloy. It is liquid at room temperature (like mercury), but it is absolutely non-toxic and has a high moistening ability for several materials apart from aluminum. The THERMALRIGHT […]

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