About Thermalright

From our beginning in 2001 THERMALRIGHT has always strived to make the best possible cooling solutions available in the computer market.
We have implemented many changes in the industry, like convex cooler base and that are now widely used by in industry today. We choose the best possible higher thermal conductivity values materials, our heat pipes, base plate and fin material is state of the art. High standard product is by our possible cooling solutions art design, the premium quality of material, and the performance test many times before release it. Our Art is to keep the best Quality and Performance on our heatsink.

Our History Story:
For the professional manufacture of computer radiator manufacturers, was established in 2001 in Taipei, Taiwan, Taiwan, part of the main design and manufacturing, and the United States set up in California TR-USA, mainly in the sales sector, in the past computer industry (2010) at the same time the pace of development , Also in the player market has some influence, the main products focus on computer overclocking / silent players, as the CPU performance on behalf of all the times, providing a lot of impact on the market products, 2016 and set up branch offices in Taipei, Taiwan.

Since the release of AMD’s Thunderbird CPU in 2002, THERMALRIGHT has been making high-performance heat sinks, not only for AMD processors, but Intel as well. Their current product line includes heatsinks for CPUs, GPUs, RAM, and Motherboard components. THERMALRIGHT’s primary focus is fanless heatsinks which can be used passively, making quiet computers; however many enthusiasts choose to use the heat sinks with a fan for better heat dissipation.

In the year of 2012, THERMALRIGHT established the Leetgion brand, starting to extend its business to peripheral and game related products. At the same time, THERMALRIGHT set its oversea branch, in Shanghai, China.

SK6 /

Copper Heatsink & Fan Clip. Do you know where they came from?

In 2001, Thermalright introduced the first copper heatsink while other brands were still manufacturing with aluminum materials. Thermalright’s copper heatsinks were compatible with 60mm fans, and were mounted with fan clips. This innovative mounting solution gave users the option to choose from a wider selection of fans to mount.

Installing an 80 x 38mm fan. Wasn’t that a crazy idea back then?

These heatsinks, like the SK6, were entirely made of copper, but were capable of mounting an 8cm 38mm thick fan.

SP94 /

Unleashing heat-pipe performance

SP-94 97 has always been an unforgettable product to overclockers.
Although there were already a few heat-pipe solutions in the market at the time, none of them took advantage of the heat-pipe performance to the limit.
It was after the announcement of SP-94 97 when heat-pipe performance was truly unleashed.

XP120 /

12cm fan on heatsinks!

XP120, a super large heatsink that could mount 12cm fans, was our ultimate masterpiece.
At that time, many motherboards were not compatible with this gigantic cooler.
We therefore received requests from motherboard manufacturers for the specifications of this heatsink,
which they later used as reference when redesigning their motherboards to achieve better compatibility with the XP120.
It was then we realized that overclockers’ desire for performance is unstoppable!

HR 01 /

At this time, the market started to split into two major groups of users, one group seeking performance

while the other seeking silent cooling solutions. HR-01 was designed for the latter group; with a fan duct as an accessory, users could use the heatsink without a fan.
Patented pinched heatsink fins increased the contact area.
The total height of the heatsink was 16cm, a size that could fit into all tower cases, and this dimension became a standard followed by other cooler manufacturers even today.

Ultra 120 Extreme / 2006

The legendary convexed-base heatsink

This was the year our Ultra120eXtreme was announced, featuring a copper base that was no longer manufactured as a flat surface, but especially engineered as a convex base with the precise curvature carefully calculated by our engineers. When the U120E first hit the market, the performance was a stunning 10 degrees Celsius less than all its competitors, but such engineering methods were also criticized by many competing firms. Just like our other innovations, eventually the competition gave in. Now check out your heatsink and see if the base is flat!

HR02 / 2010

HR-02 is another product designed for the need of mute cooler in demand by Thermalright.

The combination of fin-tube and thermal conductor is not centered and symmetrical. If HR-02 is installed in the case, the system fan is close to heat sink itself enough to fulfill the need of passive heat sink passively.

Silver Arrow SB-E / 2012

Silver Arrow IB-E with high-end dual tower heat sink and eight 6mm heat pipes, includes two 140mm TY-141 silent fans.

Creating the best combination of noise level and airflow brings the best air cooling performance. Not only clear the first PCI-E slot but also it will fit more cases due to its height only 162mm. According to the player’s preferences can install up to three 140 mm or 150 mm fan.

AXP-100 / AXP-200 /2013

AXP-100 / AXP-200!

latest creations, total height is only 58mm (2.28 inches) / 73mm (2.87 inches) including the TY-100 / TY-14013BW high performance PWM fan. Using six 6mm heatpipes which usually only appears on mammoth tower heatsinks. This height provides almost full compatibility with HTPC and ITX cases on the market, minimal interference with tall heatsinks RAM, full length GPU cards and PCI-E slots. According the user’s preferences could be chosen dark+red or dark+gray fan.

TRUE Spirit 140 Power / 2014

TRUE Spirit 140 Power”is“ULTRA”style heatsink fin array

Up to 150*125mm dissipating area, make complete use of the airflow with 140mm or 120mm fan. Heat-sink width of 55mm clears tall memory spreaders on LGA2011 platforms, also 1st PCI-E slot clearing it perfectly. TRUE Spirit 140 Power is new flagship of affordable, superior cooling and stylish heatsinks.

Le Grand Macho / 2015

Le Grand Macho is a leading semi-passive and even passive cooling.

LGM is good for average users who prefer a quiet operating environment, offset base for better VGA card and memory clearance (PCI-e and RAM sockets). Support Intel and AMD platform, Intel: 1155/1155/1366/2011 and AMD: AM2/ AM3.

Macho Direct HDT / Macho 120 SBM /2016

Macho Direct HDT (Direct Heatpipe Direct Touch) CPU-Cooler, silence optimized cooler using the TY-140 Black fan and offers exceptional cooling performance at an attractive price. The HDT heatpipes setting lower means the Macho Direct is 4 mm shorter in height than other Machos. This allows it to fit into cases where the “normal” Macho is too tall.

Macho 120 SBM fits a mini-ITX platform with least RAM or VGA compatibility issues. Convex copper base design ensures the highest thermal conducting efficiency between CPU and heatsink. Multiple support bracket system For Intel and AMD platform.

Thermalright has always been devoted in seeking all possible methods to maximize our coolers’ quality and performance, even if it takes three months to increase the performance by a mere 1 degree difference. It is our belief that only through persistence could we gain our users’ trust and support!