The THERMALRIGHT final TFX series of thermal grease

The THERMALRIGHT final TFX series of thermal grease has developed the highest-end cooling factor and the strongest over-frequency thermal paste on the earth. We use the combination of the strongest materials on the earth to make overclocking go beyond the epic level. Taking into account the perfect thermodynamics, we make the TFX series not conductive, so our users don’t have to worry about short circuits. TFX thermal grease series for heat sinks, water cooling, display cards, notebooks


THERMALRIGHT’s new TF series of thermal compound TF8/TF6

THERMALRIGHT’s new TF series of thermal compound was developed to fulfill the demanding needs our extreme cooling community have come to expect from us.  With our line of extreme coolers and TF series thermal compound our overclocking community has even more cooling ability now in their hands. We made TF series no conductive so our users don’t have to worry about shorts.

THERMALRIGHT release Silver Arrow TR4 – AMD Ryzen Threadripper


After ARO-M14 TR Continuing the classic Silver Arrow TR4 series, which has received more than a thousand awards and recommendations from international hardware websites and magazines, the Silver Arrow TR4 has become a benchmark for high-end 140mm twin tower coolers. The Silver Arrow TR4 version is a tailored custom model for AMD’s TR4 platform (Ryzen Threadripper / Epyc) and features a larger contact surface as well as the latest new TR4 mounting kit for socket TR4. Topped off with the renowned super high-speed airflow TY-143 140mm fan, THERMALRIGHT proven Chill Factor 3 thermal compound and a full 2-year manufacturer’s warranty, the Silver Arrow TR4 forms a complete premium-quality solution that combines maximum performance.

Ryzen rise ARO-M14


For Ryzen CPUs the new ARO-M14 will a great choice for users looking for a high-performance cooler with low-noise. ARO-M14 design is the culmination of years of experience and extensive development. The variety of look-alike coolers now offered by other cooler companies is proof of how well our design works.

We would not be the leading manufacturer worldwide if we were not constantly improving our products. The ARO-M14 is improvements on the already highly acclaimed “IB-E” flagships Silver Arrow and Archon X2 and Macho Rev. B. We are true to our motto “innovate – don’t imitate”.

Thanks to the use of innovations from years of experience and already used in our other high-end coolers we have improved the Macho Rev. B to the ARO-M14 for Ryzen CPUs.

Narrow ILM / AMD Bolt-Thru-Kit

Thermalright is now announcing “Narrow ILM / AMD Bolt-Thru-Kit ” makes all Thermalright CPU coolers compatible with Intel’s Narrow ILM processor/AMD processor.(Except AM4 not compatible) Narrow ILM / AMD Bolt-Thru-Kit can be install the cooler rotated by 90° in order to allow for an optimal positioning of the cooler and to evade compatibility issues of the heatsink on the Narrow ILM / AMD processor. Narrow ILM / AMD Bolt-Thru-Kit designed to combine outstanding reliability, optimal contact pressure and easy, straightforward installation, Multi-Platform System is an enthusiast-upgrade.

AXP H Series Gain Muscle

Now Thermalright AXP H series increase the heights of heat pipe for ASUS Maximus VIII IMPACT and GIGABYTE GA-Z170N-WIFI Motherboard. And now you can mount system makes it possible to install the cooler rotated by 90° in order to allow for an optimal positioning of the cooler and to evade compatibility issues on ASUS Maximus VIII IMPACT and GIGABYTE GA-Z170N-WIFI Motherboard. This is what we do for you to thermal right on any motherboards.

Heartburn Soul Runner Wind Protector Guardian Angel The TRUE Spirit 140 Direct

The TS-140 Direct optimized for use on LGA1151 / Skylake CPUs. A Thermalright LGA1151 Spacer is included, and we are surprised by that 1.3V Overclocking the TS-140 Direct has heat dissipation that is only 1c warmer than Silver Arrow IBE. The TS-140 Direct cools as well and better than most CLC water coolers.

Why are we saying that? Heartburn Soul Runner Wind Protector Guardian Angel? Because the True Spirit 140 Direct is now transformed back to the old school approach to make it with high quality of performance. The CPU is like a heart of a core of the computer, so attached to the soul of Thermalright power to maintain core together. Wind protector, ran out of a primitive style for everyone’s heart’s core. Guardian Angel is suited for everyone can wear it, that’s why we don’t raise the price we keep it quality up. We just want everyone can have their cooling way to make it that soul! We are ready to ThermalRight your PC Cooler!

Heat sink increase the compatible of ITX MB & LGA 2011, in order to ensure that even the RAM modules increase high heat to radiator but the cooling still fit in. Our new Aluminum heat sinks with True Spirit designs to accelerate airflow to increase the efficiency of the cooling fan.

2007 start with the TS series, Thermalright continues increased TRUE Spirit direct HDT (heat pipe direct touch) the CPU heat sink. TS direct, we have taken the famous TRUE Spirit designs to the next level with a large cooling capacity for the players. TRUE Spirit silent cooler using TY-140 Black fan (TY-140 series proven fan) were optimized at an attractive price provides excellent thermal performance.

TRUE Spirit use the principle of Heat pipe direct touch. High performance with special 5 heat pipe with 6 mm heat processor provides effective heat dissipation. The bottom of heat pipe using our mature technique convex design. Combine the Patent concave and convex shape of the contact surface of the heat pipe, heat pipe is set slightly lower than the cooler base that combination gives the TRUE Spirit excellent thermal performance.

Skilled Technology TRUE Spirit Aluminum fin design allows for very low air flow resistance. Cooling fins additional perforations helps to accelerate the flow stream between the fins to improved the efficiency and reduce the temperature.

TY-140 Black included (PWM) fan Macho direct optimization. At 300 RPM idle speed with 16.9 CFM and a maximum 1300 RPM speed with 73.6 CFM air flow with a very quiet operation even at higher speeds. TY-140 Black use our proven low-wear “Hyper- flow enhanced bearing.”

This proven design incorporates with a larger traditional fan diameter 140 mm with conventional fan mounting points feature 120 mm fans. The fan is firmly fixed to the newest designs include pads which provided heat sink fan bracket to the excellence of the performance.

Including Macho direct universal mounting kit supports all current Intel and AMD sockets (Intel LGA 775/1150/1151/1155/1156/1366/2011 / 2011-3 and AMD AM2 / AM2+ / AM3 / AM3+ / FM1 / FM2 / FM2+).


The package also included our most superior popular Thermalright Chill Factor thermal paste. Please read and pay close attention to the instructions in how to apply thermal paste. The first HDT cooler, Thermalright TS releases the immediate innovative again. In General “pea” does not meet our HDT base design work.

Thermalright’s All Heatsinks upgrade new package with LGA1151 Spacer solves Intel Skylake

Thermalright’s All Heatsinks upgrade new package with LGA1151 Spacer solves Intel Skylake
Thermalright’s all series of Heatsinks upgrade new package of the accessory which include the LGA1151 Spacer. That could proprietary support plate for Intel Skylake processors.

After seeing the photos and reports of Skylake PCB deformation on internet, Thermalright decided to address the issue. It appears the LGA1151 may have some potential problems dealing with the mounting pressure and / or weight of heavier aftermarket coolers (over 500g as specified in Intel LGA1150 socket Application Guide). In our endeavour for excellence Thermalright is trying to lower the possibility of this happening by developing a spacer to fill the open area between the load plate and PCB to hold it tightly in place. The spacer fits onto CPU with a 0.5mm raised surface around the IHS fitting snugly on CPU PCB when load plate is latched down.

As you can see the spacer has a 0.7mm taper from back to front with a 0.5mm raised area where it fits around the IHS. The taper matches the slope of the socket load plate. Thick edge of taper goes toward load plate hinge. When the load plate is latched and presses on mounting points of IHS, it also presses on Thermalright 1151 spacer. This holds the CPU PCB firmly in plate. Making it harder for it to deform and cause problems.

Thermalright LGA1151 Support Spacers will be available free of charge at most of Thermalright resellers by March 15th, 2016 for users buying a Thermalright cooler. Please consult with our resellers for availability before you place an order. If you already have a Thermalright cooler and are moving it to Skylake CPU, just show your Skylake proof of purchase to one of our retailers. Of course if this is done online, you will have to pay the postage costs.

Thermalright’s New Macho Direct HDT Cooler

Thermalright’s New Macho Direct HDT Cooler

Continuing on with the HR series of coolers that started way back in 2005 and has evolved into the Macho coolers, Thermalright now adds the Macho Direct HDT (Direct Heatpipe Direct Touch) CPU-Cooler. With the Macho Direct we have taken the well-known HR-02 / Macho design to a new level, giving price conscious users great cooling on a budget. This silence optimized cooler using the TY-140 Black fan (from the TY-140 series of time proven fans) offers exceptional cooling performance at an attractive price.

The original concepts of the Macho have been maintained. The heat sink is aligned to the rear of the PC case to ensure that even ram modules with high-rising heat spreaders will fit. The aluminum cooling fins use our proven design to counteract air accumulation between the cooling fins.

The Macho Direct makes use of the Heatpipe Direct Touch principle. Five high-performance 6 mm heatpipes provide efficient dissipation of processor heat. The bottoms of the heatpipes use our proven convex form. The patented convex shape of the heatpipe contact surface combined with the heatpipes setting slightly below the cooler base gives the Macho Direct outstanding cooling performance.

The HDT heatpipes setting lower means the Macho Direct is 4 mm shorter in height than other Machos. This allows it to fit into cases where the “normal” Macho is too tall.

The proven design of Macho aluminum fins allows very low airflow resistance. The additional perforation of the cooling fins helps eliminate heat buildup between the individual fins increasing efficiency and reducing temperatures.

The included TY-140 Black (PWM) fan is optimized for the Macho Direct. With an idle speed of 300 rpm with 16.9 cfm and a top speed of 1,300 rpm with 73.6 cfm, the fan moves lots of air and runs exceptionally quiet, even at higher speeds. The TY-140 Black uses our proven low-wear “Enhanced Hyper-Flow Bearing”.

This proven design combines the features of conventional 120 mm fan mounting points with the larger fan diameter of conventional 140 mm fans. The fan is fitted securely to the heatsink with the included, revised fan brackets with specially designed anti-vibration pads to give unsurpassed performance.

The universal mounting kit included with the Macho Direct supports all current Intel- and AMD sockets (Intel LGA1156/1155/2011/1150/2011-3/1151 and AMD AM2/AM2+/AM3/FM1/FM2/FM2+).

Also included in the package is our popular Thermalright magnetic tip Screwdriver and our excellent Thermalright Chill Factor thermal paste.

Please read and closely follow the instructions in the manual on how to apply the thermal paste. The Thermalright show innovation again with release of its first HDT cooler, Macho Direct. usual “pea” method does not work with our HDT base design.