May 2019
  1. TurboRight Hydro cooling system
  2. TL-R12/RS12
February 2019
  1. The THERMALRIGHT final TFX series of thermal grease
October 2018
  1. THERMALRIGHT’s new TF series of thermal compound TF8/TF6
June 2018
  1. THERMALRIGHT release Silver Arrow TR4 – AMD Ryzen Threadripper
April 2018
  1. Ryzen rise ARO-M14
March 2017
  1. THERMALRIGHT AMD AM4 Ryzen Installation Guide
February 2017
  1. THERMALRIGHT® AMD AM4 CPU Mount Upgrade
November 2016
  1. Narrow ILM / AMD Bolt-Thru-Kit
  2. AXP H Series Gain Muscle
  3. Heartburn Soul Runner Wind Protector Guardian Angel The TRUE Spirit 140 Direct
July 2016
  1. Thermalright’s All Heatsinks upgrade new package with LGA1151 Spacer solves Intel Skylake
January 2016
  1. Thermalright’s New Macho Direct HDT Cooler
November 2015
  1. Thermalright added top of the line semi-passive heat-sink, Le GRAND MACHO.
June 2015
  1. The Thermalright Silver Arrow ITX-R has been certified by Asus ROG and was partnered with Asus at the recent Computex exhibition.
January 2015
  1. Both Macho Zero and Macho Rev. B awarded SmartBuy 2014 by tom’s Hardware.