T-Rad2 GTX

Light and Slim designed heatsink; 25mm in total height with large cooling surface area .

Options to install two 92mm fans or one 120mm quiet fan .

Supports multiple nVidia and ATI video cards in SLI and Cross Fire mode .

Six nickel-plated heatpipes to reduce oxidation effect, maintaining top performance for long term usage .

Features an all copper base and soldering technology that has each heatsink fin soldered to the heatpipes for a definite contact in producing high efficiency rate of heat transfer .

Includes two low noise 92mm fan (1500RPM) .

Vast compatibility with nNvidia GTX-200 Series/9 Series and ATI 4000 Series video cards .


Product Description

Heatsink Specifications:
Dimension:L228 x W104 x H25 mm
Recommended Fan:All 92 x 92 x 25 fans / All 120 x 120 x 25 fans
Heat pipes:Six heat pipes / Nickel Plated
Base material:Copper Base

Fan Dimension:
Dimension:L92 x W92 x H25 mm
Noise:22.4 dBA


SLI/CF Motherboard compatibility
* If you plan on installing two T-Rad2 GTX on your video cards for SLI/CF mode, please read below instruction and compatibility list to ensure proper installation.
Before installing T-Rad2  GTX for SLI or CF, check to see if you have at least two PCI slots between the first and second video card. This takes up the assumption that the fan to be utilized is of 25mm in height/thickness. If a thinner fan is used, the above limitation does not apply.

The models listed are based on ATI and Nvidia’s reference mechanical layout. Some manufacturers stray away from the standard and develop their own layout. For those, Thermalright holds no responsibility in case of incompatibility after purchase of Thermalright product(s).


 FAQ 1

Question :T-Rad2 GTX is said to support SLI and Cross Fire mode. What about for 3 SLI or even for 4 Cross Fire?

Answer : Installing T-Rad2 GTX with fan will take up 3 PCI slots (assuming the height of fan is 25mm). Currently there are no motherboards that provide such extravagant spacing for T-Rad2 GTX to work in such configuration setup. Simply put, a typical ATI HD 3870 with its stock cooler will take up two PCI slots. Replace stock cooler with T-Rad2, three slots will be taken.

Question : T-Rad2 GTX has a surface area greater than any other average GPU heatsink and has more fins but can it be run passively without any fans?

Answer :Even though in our lab tests running the 3D Mark, the T-Rad2 GTX is found to be better than stock cooling at 81 Celsius degrees without any fans, we still recommend installation of a fan unless you have a side panel case fan. As each environment is unique with various factors to account for, a CPU fan is still the best option to go for.
 FAQ 3

Question :A serious problem with VGA coolers that have the option to install two fans is the SLI bridge. With two fans, it is just virtually impossible to install the SLI bridge. Does T-Rad2 GTX have this same problem?

Answer : Rest assured that T-Rad2 GTX was specifically designed around the needs of the enthusiasts. Trouble installing the SLI bridge is usually when the heatsink is built over the size limit of SLI and CF thus hindering the installation of SLI bridge. T-Rad2 GTX does not have this problem and is well inside the size limitation. You can install all types of SLI bridge without any difficulties.
 FAQ 4
Question :Can you please tell me what’s going on if one VGA card appears to be hotter than the other VGA card, when I am in SLI mode with T-rad2 GTX installed on both VGA card? Is it normal? Or I might have installed the heatsink incorrectly.

Answer : When running under SLI or CF mode for your VGA card, even with Stock cooler, it would have different temperature readings, this is due to different ratio of GPU usage, usually the first VGA card will have more GPU usage, this problem will show greater difference when running in SLI mode, the other problem would be the air intake area, which the first VGA card’s air intake will be blocked by the second VGA card, so the temperature rises over time, please see below for the picture taken in our lab testing, GTX280 in SLI mode on Intel X58 motherboards, here we can see that the distance between the first VGA and the second VGA are of 3 PCI slots away from each other, and the temperature difference are around 10 degrees celcius.

 FAQ 5

Question : I used the RAM sinks that were included with my Thermalright VGA cooler but they keep falling off even after following your instructions for cleaning. Is it because the adhesiveness is not enough?

Answer : First and foremost, we cannot stress enough how important it is to thoroughly clean the surface of the RAM chips. It does not matter how much adhesiveness there is, if the surface resides any amount of residue (thermal paste, oil, and etc), it will not stick. Please see below instructions and illustrations for better understanding.


Illustration 1 shows the residue left from the stock cooler’s thermal padding. This contains huge amount of oily residue and traces of thermal compound. It is crucial to remove these as thoroughly as possible.

Illustration 2 shows a typical cleaning by an end-user, but as you can see there are still some oily residue left on the RAM chip that can be felt with a finger. Under this condition, the RAM sink would definitely not stick as well as it should. More cleaning is needed!

Illustration 3 shows the RAM chip after a thorough, complete cleaning using rubbing alcohol or thermal compound cleaner to achieve best result.

Illustration 4 shows the RAM sink on the RAM chip. If cleaned properly, you will find that it is not movable.
Below picture shows the ultimate test. Again, if properly cleaned you would be able to hold up the entire video card just by holding on to the RAM sink.
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T-Rad2 GTX

T-Rad2 GTX

T-Rad2 GTX

T-Rad2 GTX

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T-Rad2 GTX

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