HR-03 GT

A maximum of 6 heatpipes for maximum amount of heat transfer to work with any of 92mm or smaller fans for best configuration to suit your needs .

Proprietary two-heatsinks-soldered-to-form-as-one design to maximize cooling capacity .

6 heatpipes soldered immensely close to heatsink fins to increase heat transfer efficiency .

Two ways of mounting the cooler on video card for best space and configuration management in ATX and BTX form factor cases .

Light weight and easy no-tool installation .

SLI compatible for serious gaming enthusiasts .

Cosmetically contoured design for that vanity look .



Dimension: L129 x W156 x H51 (heatsink only)
Weight: 410g (heatsink only) Recommended Fan (92x25mm)

System Used
Processor: Intel E6600 (Duo Core) 1.2V
Processor Cooling: SI-128 SE
Motherboard: Nvidia680i
Graphics Card : Gigabyte 8800GT
VGA Cooler: Nvidia 8800GT HD3870 / Stock Cooler & HR-03 GT
RAM: TeamGroup DDR800 1GB*2Hard Drive: Seagate 80GB

Question :We have a Support Question about compatibility of NEW 8800GT and Thermalright HR-03 PLUS. Is the cooler compatible? What about HR-03 Rev. A?
Answer : HR-03 PLUS?mounting mechanism is not compatibly aligned with the mounting holes on the 8800GT so installation is not possible. As for HR-03 Rev. A, technically it can be installed on the 8800 GT but because the PWN IC on the back of the card is not covered by the HR-03 Rev. A, plus the fact that the heat generated by the new 8800 GT far surpasses the 7000-series, we would strongly recommend our new HR-03 GT.

Question : I’m used the RAM sinks that were included with my Thermalright VGA cooler but they keep falling off even after following your instructions for cleaning. Is it because the adhesiveness is not enough? Please advice

Answer :First and foremost, we cannot stress enough how important it is to thoroughly clean the surface of the RAM chips. It does not matter how much adhesiveness there is, if the surface resides any amount of residue (thermal paste, oil, and etc), it will not stick. Please see below instructions and illustrations for better understanding.

  • Illustration 1 shows the residue left from the stock cooler’s thermal padding. This contains huge amount of oily residue and traces of thermal compound. It is crucial to remove these as thoroughly as possible
  • Illustration 2 shows a typical cleaning by an end-user, but as you can see there are still some oily residue left on the RAM chip that can be felt with a finger. Under this condition, the RAM sink would definitely not stick as well as it should. More cleaning is needed!
  • Illustration 3 shows the RAM chip after a thorough, complete cleaning using rubbing alcohol or thermal compound cleaner to achieve best result.
  • Illustration 4 shows the RAM sink on the RAM chip. If cleaned properly, you will find that it is not movable.
  • Below picture shows the ultimate test. Again, if properly cleaned you would be able to hold up the entire video card just by holding on to the RAM sink.

Question :Can HR-03 GT work on the 8800 GT without a fan?
Answer :Yes, HR-03 GT can cool the 8800 GT even without a cooling fan given that the airflow inside your case is bountiful. A good air management would have clean air in and exhaust air out. If installed the HR-03 GT in the Type 1 method, you could utilize the air generated by the fan used on the CPU heatsink, such as our Ultra-120 eXtreme for even better cooling result.