VenomousX RT Rev.SB-E

Universal bracket system, allow users to mount to both Intel and AMD platforms (2011/1156/1155/1366/775/939/AM2/AM2 /AM3/AM3 /FM1)

Mirrored copper base for upgraded quality and performance of the heatsink.

Heatsink is completely nickel plated to ensure the best quality, performance and extended durability.

Soldered heatpipes and copper base to ensure the best thermal conducting efficiency.

Six sintered heatpipe design, all heatpipes are nickel plated to slow the oxidation deterioration to the heatpipe, to ensure longer usage and performance of the heatsink for the CPU.

Includes one 120mm PWM Fan.

Convex copper base design, to ensure the Highest thermal conducting thermal efficiency between the cpu and the heatsink.



Heatsink Specifications:
Size: Length 127mm x Width 63mm x Height 160mm
Weight: 697 g (excluding fan and bracket system)
Heatpipe: 6mm sintered heatpipe *6 units
Copper base: C1100 pure nickel plated copper base, with ultra-shine mirrored surface.

Fan Dimension:
Dimension: L120*W120*H25mm
Rated Speed: 1000~1500RPM±15%
Noise Level: 19.6~37.4 dBA
Air Flow: 35~66.5CFM
Connector: 4Pin PWM